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Cavities cause holes in the teeth and tend to damage the structure of the teeth. The dentist, in such cases, removes the damaged areas to prevent further damage. The removal of damaged parts could affect the teeth’ aesthetics, causing misalignment and leading to uncomfortable bites, which is why dental fillings are placed in the treated area to make up for the lost tooth. When these dental fillings used are tooth-colored, they are called white fillings.

Fillings form a part of affordable dental treatment and are very effective in restoring teeth after the cavity is removed. It corrects the bite, lowers the risk of dental issues, and restores optimum oral health.

The Basics of White Fillings

Dental fillings are available in metal and composite resin options. Metal fillings are further available in gold and silver amalgam. On the other hand, the composite filling or white filling is a tooth-colored plastic and silica mixture used to restore decayed teeth. The silica in this filling type offers a reflective property similar to the color of the tooth enamel. While metal amalgam has been in use for the longest time, composite resins have been in use since the 1960s.

Since composite resin, or white fillings, do not require mercury to be applied, usually have a longer average lifespan, and have a superior aesthetic effect, they have become popular over time.

How White Fillings are Placed at Pacific Dental

At Pacific Dental, once the cavity treatment is completed, we ensure the tooth is cleaned and well sanitized. The treatment area is prepped using a special etching compound that helps the white filling bond better with the enamel’s surface. Then, the filling is carefully matched with your tooth’s color and skillfully molded on to the tooth. Finally, blue light is used to harden the filling. The white filling perfectly blends with the surrounding area – most often making it difficult for the patient to tell where it starts and where it ends!

If you are suffering from a cavity and are worried about losing your tooth’s structure, you need to worry no more! Schedule an appointment with us or call us at (559) 492-2486 so that we can help clear out the cavity and restore it with natural-looking white fillings.

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